Charleston, South Carolina for Vacation

This is going to be a fun topic today because I’m heading out for vacation in a week and I’m chomping at the bit to do so. I thought I’d share a little bit of Charleston, South Carolina’s rich history and culture with you before I head out. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in a town that is driven by tourism? You may have thought it would be crowded or that the traffic would be bad but, this town is different. I’m not saying we don’t have our fair share of traffic however, it’s managed reasonably well all things considered.
As you probably know, Charleston is a celebrated vacation destination. We have received accolades year after year for being one of the best places not only in the Untied States but, in the world according to Travel and Leisure magazine.
Am I bragging? Maybe a little but, it’s well deserved. I can go on singing the praises of this city for hours. Instead, I will get to the point. We are best known for our historic downtown area which is architecturally reminiscent of the 1600’s. It has been exquisitely maintained and preserved by all means necessary. The Board of Architecture and Review, BAR, does a magnificent job of maintaining the integrity of this coastal cornerstone and I like it. Not because I’m such a history buff myself, but, because it is key to our tourism industry and it is the perfect compliment to our growing and thriving cutting edge economy. It’s like opposite colors on the color wheel. They are drastically different but, somehow they make each other stand out with perfection. Our downtown area is filled with artisans, galleries, restaurants, shopping and the like but, it also has another element that I would like to bring to your attention. It is positively loaded with rich historical gems. Please check out the link below to view our website for Charleston, SC vacations and Charleston, SC tourism.
We have been home to St. Andrews Episcopal Church since 1706. This is the oldest church building in South Carolina. And, I do mean the whole state of South Carolina. There is another place in town that many folks enjoy seeing and we call it the Four Corners of Law. There you will find St. Michaels Episcopal Church, Charleston City Hall, Charleston County Courthouse and the Federal Courthouse / post office. Each one representing a branch of the law be it God’s law, city law, state law or federal law. I’m not sure what you planned to do on your vacation this year but, you could potentially get married, get taxed, get divorced or go to jail all in one intersection if you come here. Wouldn’t that be something to talk about?


I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that we have at least three beaches within 10 miles of downtown Charleston for those of you who would like to swim, surf, build sand castles, get a great suntan, relax, collect sea shells, walk for miles in the salt air, feel the sand between your toes or just go fishing.

Now I’m going to end this blog with a reminder. This is an invitation for you and your family to come visit Charleston, South Carolina. I’m in hopes that when you get here, you’ll find it as charming and irresistible as I do. When that happens, and I’m sure it will, please note that I am a real estate agent in town and I’d love to help you find your next home in the Lowcountry. Have a wonderful summer and I hope you choose to visit Charleston, South Carolina soon.

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